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Summer 2015 Academic Term & Schedule

Summer Term New Design SchoolThe summer term for the academic, certificate-granting seminars in graphic design begin Monday, April 27, 2015. All seminars begin at 6pm and last till 8pm. The 12-week summer term schedule concludes Thursday, July 23, 2015.

Adobe InDesign / Mondays / Sonia Davis Gutiérrez

Drawing 1 / Tuesdays / Joshua Ray

Thesis Studio 2 & Portfolio Development 2 / Tuesdays / Sonia Davis Gutiérrez

Professional Practice for Employees / Thursdays / Mike Davis Gutiérrez

Review and read the seminar descriptions.

Fill out and submit the enrollment agreement, “application,” for the summer 2015 term online.

Download and review the New Student Packet.
New Student Packet Page

The first 30 minutes of each class will begin with an orientation.

If you require advising contact Sonia.

Materials: Computer and Software

If you need a computer and/or software we recommend you visit the UA Computer Store, (479) 575-5414. The “base model MacBook Pro”  will be great for class. You are welcome to use a Windows based laptop. If possible we like for students to become familiar with the industry standard Apple computer operating environment as soon as possible. You will need to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) directly from the Adobe website which requires a subscription service for software. This student version is $19.99 and requires a minimum 1 year subscription. Be sure to read the fine print for details as this may change.

Here is a map and hours of the UA Computer Store:


To purchase software at the Computer Store or with Adobe you will need a New Design School email which will be issued to you upon admission and enrollment. You will not need the email to purchase the computer.

For questions about the term, seminars and enrollment contact us at admissions@newdesignschool.org.

Last Updated  April 30, 2015

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Creative Cocktails April 2015

creative-cocktails-2015New Design School and the Northwest Arkansas Creative Arts Network are joining together to co-present Creative Cocktails 2015, a series of networking events designed to connect creative people with the community and with one another in a relaxed social setting. Taking place from 5-7pm on the second Friday of every month at various locations around Northwest Arkansas, Creative Cocktails offers the opportunity for makers, doers and creatives in the area to unwind, meet other creatives and connect with people who seek their products or services.

Our April event is the first of the year and will be held at Cannibal & Craft in Fayetteville. Bring a friend and come meet the makers, doers and creatives in our region.

This event is free and open to the public. We ask that you register via Eventbrite so we can learn if you are a creative offering products or services or seeking creative products or services.

Join our conversation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1562118234037665/

Beginning in 2014, Creative Cocktails was held at various locations in Northwest Arkansas including 21c Museum Hotel, Mermaids Restaurant and XYZ Bar at Aloft. Throughout the year we helped to connect over 100 creative people—strengthening our creative economy.

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Advanced Digital Coloring with Photoshop in May

Advanced digital coloring with Photoshop

™ and © 2015 MARVEL Comics

Learn to create complex highlights, shadows, textures special effects and type effects along with integration
of photos and textures into your illustrations. Gain knowledge of finishing illustrations in Adobe Photoshop using different advanced techniques and styles over this 4-week, 8-hour workshop with digital painter and illustrator Joshua Ray who has colored comic books for companies such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Big Entertainment, Image and others.

Learn to:
1 Exclusively use brushes for the coloring of line art
2 Combine lassos and gradients with some brush work
3 Combine brushes and gradients with lighting effects
4 Complete a fully-painted digital art piece independent of line art

Develop advanced techniques used in comics, graphic novels, product packaging, children’s books and other commercial illustration.

Class is held over four Saturdays: May 2, 9, 16 & 23
10am to noon
Wacom, Photoshop and computer required.
Advanced level. Some Photoshop experience necessary.

To register, email sonia@newdesignschool.org or call (479) 442-1443.

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Careers in Animation presentation at Fayetteville Public Library on April 14th

Careers in Animation with David KerseyComputer Animation Artist – What it’s like?

David Kersey tells his story of developing from a traditional artist to Digital Animation Artist at the Walt Disney Company. He’ll talk about his experience of making animated movies such as The Polar Express to the number #1 grossing animated movie of all time FROZEN. He will also discuss how you can build your traditional art skills from sketchbook to digital format and into a career in animation.

Join us at the Fayetteville Public Library on Tuesday, April 14, from 6 to 7pm. Free and open to the public.

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Meet Your Instructor for Spring 2015

Meet Your Instructor 2015 Spring

Don’t forget to join us for our Spring 2015 Meet Your Instructor event on Thursday, January 8, from 6-7pm at New Design School. Get to know your teachers before the first day of class. Meet other students and bring any questions you may have. Get the schedule and course offerings, and set your creative career in motion.

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JavaScript Workshop for Spring 2015

JavaScript for Designers is geared toward Designers who
are new to web design, or have some basic knowledge of the web, but
would like to learn more about the lucrative subject of JavaScript. We
will have a group project every week related to the course material
covered, along with a smaller, less involved personal project. We will
cover a wide range of subjects including basic JavaScript Syntax,
locating and interpreting documentation, jQuery and jQueryUI, DOM
manipulation, working with APIs, and basic version control with Git.
All software needed for this workshop will be open source. No books

Thursdays, 6-8pm, for 6-weeks January 15, to February 19, 2015, $320

JavaScript Basics

Instructor Michael Bonds is currently employed at Pam Transportation in
Tontitown, Arkansas, where he designs and develops full stack,
enterprise level solutions to various intra-net and public facing
applications. Although he decided to focus his career on Web
Development just three years ago, Michael first tasted the sweet
satisfaction of Web Development while in High School, where he managed
to get his first “Hello World” to output with Python. Since then,
Michael has utilized various languages ranging from PHP to Nodejs and
has worked with agencies like “The Texas Department of Tourism”
(traveltex.com), “Red Mango” (redmangousa.com), “IdeaLoop, LLC”
(idea-loop.com), and Slingshot, LLC (slingshotllc.com).

Get to know Michael
* LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelbonds
* GitHub – https://github.com/mbonds1219
* FaceBook – https://www.facebook.com/michael.bonds
* Twitter – https://twitter.com/_michaelbonds

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