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Meet Your Instructor for Spring 2015

Meet Your Instructor 2015 Spring

Join us for our Spring 2015 Meet Your Instructor event on Thursday, January 8, from 6-7pm at New Design School. Get to know your teachers before the first day of class. Meet other students and bring any questions you may have. Get the schedule and course offerings, and set your creative career in motion.

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JavaScript Workshop for Spring 2015

JavaScript for Designers is geared toward Designers who
are new to web design, or have some basic knowledge of the web, but
would like to learn more about the lucrative subject of JavaScript. We
will have a group project every week related to the course material
covered, along with a smaller, less involved personal project. We will
cover a wide range of subjects including basic JavaScript Syntax,
locating and interpreting documentation, jQuery and jQueryUI, DOM
manipulation, working with APIs, and basic version control with Git.
All software needed for this workshop will be open source. No books

Thursdays, 6-8pm, for 6-weeks January 15, to February 19, 2015, $320

JavaScript Basics

Instructor Michael Bonds is currently employed at Pam Transportation in
Tontitown, Arkansas, where he designs and develops full stack,
enterprise level solutions to various intra-net and public facing
applications. Although he decided to focus his career on Web
Development just three years ago, Michael first tasted the sweet
satisfaction of Web Development while in High School, where he managed
to get his first “Hello World” to output with Python. Since then,
Michael has utilized various languages ranging from PHP to Nodejs and
has worked with agencies like “The Texas Department of Tourism”
(traveltex.com), “Red Mango” (redmangousa.com), “IdeaLoop, LLC”
(idea-loop.com), and Slingshot, LLC (slingshotllc.com).

Get to know Michael
* LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelbonds
* GitHub - https://github.com/mbonds1219
* FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/michael.bonds
* Twitter - https://twitter.com/_michaelbonds

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Spring 2015 Academic Term & Schedule

The spring 2015 term begins Monday, January 12, and lasts until Thursday, April 9, 2015.

First Year

  • Web Design 101 / Sonia Davis Gutierrez / Mondays / 6-8pm
    • Book: HTML and CSS: A Visual Quickstart Guide (8th Edition) ISBN-13: 978-0321928832
  • Photoshop / Joshua Ray / Tuesdays / 6-8pm
  • Design Studio 101 / Robert Pressman / Wednesdays / 6-8pm
  • History of Graphic Design / Mike Davis Gutierrez / Thursdays / 6-8pm
    • Book: Meggs’ History of Graphic Design (5th Edition) ISBN-13: 978-0470168738

Second Year

  • Portfolio Development 101 / Laura Bennett / Mondays / 6-8pm
  • Color Study / Kat Wilson / Tuesdays / 6-8pm
    • Book: Interaction of Color (50th Anniversary Edition) ISBN-13: 978-0300179354
  • Thesis Studio 101 / Sonia Davis Gutierrez / Wednesdays / 6-8pm



Folio from the Book of Kells illuminated manuscript, circa 800 AD and is studied in the Graphic Design History seminar.

Review and read the seminar descriptions.

Fill out and submit the enrollment agreement, “application,” for the spring 2015 term online.

Download and review the New Student Packet.
New Student Packet Page

The first 30 minutes of each class will begin with an orientation.

If you require advising contact Sonia.

Materials: Computer and Software

If you need a computer and/or software we recommend you visit the UA Computer Store, (479) 575-5414. The “base model MacBook Pro”  will be great for class. You are welcome to use a Windows based laptop. We just like for students to become familiar with the industry standard computer operating environment as soon as possible. You will need to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) directly from the Adobe website which requires a subscription service for software. This student version is $19.99 and requires a minimum 1 year subscription. Be sure to read the fine print for details as this may change.

Here is a map and hours of the UA Computer Store:


To purchase software at the Computer Store or with Adobe you will need a New Design School email which will be issued to you upon admission and enrollment. You will not need the email to purchase the computer.

Last Updated  January 13, 2015

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Designer Dogs 2014 a Success

Designer Dogs 2014We raised $501 for scholarships! What a fabulous, successful evening for the inaugural Designer Dogs: A Scholarship Fundraiser.

imag0371Chefs Chad of Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese, Ashley Zulpo of Tyson Foods, Zane Placke of Greenhouse Grille and William of mayflower restaurant were so amazing. We appreciate you so much for creating delicious treats!
NDS Students, you guys rocked it on the posters and with being so helpful before, during and after the event!
Dan Snow, we super appreciate you on table and art set up!
Fayetteville Town Center thanks for donating such a fabulous venue. Thanks Collin, Hazel and team for all you did and continue to do for First Thursday.
Marlon Blackwell Architects we appreciate your donation of prints for the student work. Samantha Sigmon board member we are super grateful for every level of your support.
James Kenneth Rector must be attributed for the fabulous event concept.
Mike Davis I am very grateful that you pour yourself so generously into everything New Design School.
Many thanks to everyone who attended despite the weather, we appreciate your participation so much.
Thanks juror Bryan Gott for selecting Mayflower Restaurant for the Juror’s Choice Top Dog Award who received the golden ticket, a $50 tab at a local pub. His designers Reynolds Sharp and Erica Downs will share $250 toward tuition.
The votes were extremely close for People’s Choice! 10-11-10-11 for Zane, Ashley, Chad and William respectively! We had discussed splitting all the winnings evenly between all the students but it has been decided to award the ones who got that 1 extra vote.
imag0412So…People’s Choice Top Dog Award goes to Ashley Zulpo of Tyson Foods and her designers Alejandro Sanchez and Jeanie Maria Lopez-Hall will share the second $250.
Zane, Chad and Ashely each also received a $10 gift certificate to a local eatery for participating. Thanks Samantha!!
Rachel Arnold, Reynolds Sharp and number 0942473 won a Kindle.
We really look forward to doing this again soon!
Thanks everyone who make design and technology education possible for our students!

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Designer Dogs 2014

Designer Dogs 2014Designer Dogs is what happens when culinary genius is coupled with graphic design talent. Join us for the inaugural Designer Dogs where local chefs are paired with New Design School students. Chow down on delicious hot dogs, view incredible posters promoting each unique creation and know that your ticket benefits scholarships.

Attendees get to vote for their Top Dog Chef-Designer Team for the People’s Choice Award and, will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Kindle!

A professional culinary-designer duo get to choose their favorite team for the Juror’s Choice Award.

The winning Chefs get a Top Dog trophy designed by sculptor Mike Davis along with a $50 tab at a local pub of their choice.

The winning students get scholarships!

To volunteer please email sonia@newdesignschool.org.

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Creative Cocktails September in Siloam Springs

New Design School hosts a monthly networking event for creatives and people seeking creatives. It is held the second Fridays from 5-7pm at various location around Northwest Arkansas. This month we’ll be at 28 Springs from 5-8pm, going an extra hour to give people plenty of time to arrive. Hope to see you there!

Here is the event on Facebook:


Here it is on Eventbrite:


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