Founder and president Sonia Davis Gutiérrez started New Design School because a practical approach to teaching and learning design did not exist. She believes the best way to learn the process of design is to actually participate in it. The current thinking is that if you learn design theory that will be enough. That is not true. It must be balanced with technical ability, creative talent and business savvy. The most important part, which comes only with practice is working with people to develop, hone and cultivate relationships. While enrolled in the academic certificate-granting seminars students will work with a minimum of five clients, creating multiple real-world products like logos, brochures and websites for local and international businesses and organizations.
Another reason Sonia started New Design School is that the cost of a design education did not match the salaries offered. At New Design School, your investment in education will cost you no more than one-third of your starting salary so that you are not strapped with debt to start your game of life. 
A third reason is that there is an enormous amount of talent in Arkansas that goes either untapped or out of state because of the lack of options to study digital art. If you have great mentors, which we offer with our instructors who are industry leaders, they can help you identify and sharpen your eye and skills. They can also become your strongest ally in job opportunities and connections.
One final reason is that school today needs to work with a student's real-life schedule. Students will know their schedule from day one. All academic seminars for all two years are from 6-8pm, Monday through Thursday evening, so that students can plan their personal and work schedules in advance.
Sonia wants graduates to ultimately take with them confidence. She wants them to know themselves better and understand who they are as creative individuals. She aims for them to value their work and know the key role design plays in business and the economy.
We are always enrolling students. Applicants do not need to have a formal art education, only a hunger to learn, creative talent of any kind and a willingness to balance work and play.

The school is licensed and regulated through the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education and has successfully renewed its license annually since it was founded in 2006.

We are currently preparing for the accreditation process for the school and its academic program. Our vision is an accredited school of design offering a wide variety of academic studies that are currently not available in the state or region.


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