Collaboration Client

Do you have design needs?

If so, we have student designers that need clients!

Does my organization or business qualify to become a collaboration client? Are you...

  • Flexible to a design schedule and process lasting the duration of a 12-week timeline with deliverables due at week 13 (Specific timelines will be provided upon project adoption) and;
  • Not-for-profit organization or;
  • Start-up or;
  • Small to medium size business or;
  • Large corporation seeking nonprofit partnership or;
  • Still not fitting any of these but still have design needs? Contact Sonia Gutierrez at to discuss your project further.

What does a client receive?

A client receives a professional designer leading a student design team or individual student designer to work on your visual design needs.

What do students receive?

Students get practice working with a client under the guidance of the professional designer.

What does an instructor receive?

The instructor receives an actual project with real-world problem solving in their classroom.

What types of projects can be completed?

Logos, symbols, marks; Promotion materials including posters, brochures, postcards and stationery are just some projects we can complete.

Can you design websites?

Yes, we can design websites in the spring term which begins in early January and completes in early April. Depending on the student’s interests it is possible to have your project completed as a student project other times of the academic year. Site size is limited to 7 pages. We do not set up e-commerce sites for class projects. We are able to create a PayPal donate button on your site. If you need this, please set up your PayPal account first. If your site has more than 10 pages or involves e-commerce, selling things online, we recommend that you hire a professional, considering Atelier NDS, the master-apprentice design studio of New Design School.

How much does this cost?

This opportunity, for the duration of the 12 week class, has no charge. We complete an estimate on what the specific project would cost since this is part of the typical design process, but no design fee is billed for the 12 weeks. After the 12 week class is complete, if your organization or business chooses to continue working with the student, compensation is required to retain the services of the student designer. This could be considered as either an intern designer position or freelance contract designer. Typical starting pay for a designer with less than 1 year of experience is in the range of $15-$20+ per hour depending if it is interning, freelance, print or web work.

What are the time frames for doing projects?

Time frames must match with our academic terms:

  • Fall, mid August to mid November
  • Spring, January to early April
  • Summer, late April to late July

Please contact us for specific approaching term dates. We ask that you choose a term in which you will be available to keep the project moving along.

Will I have to sign a contract?

All collaborative projects should have contracts. We teach students the importance of using business agreements. All involved learn to practice clear communication about the project and expectations, and then have it all documented in a contract. The contract also includes a schedule of work, an estimate of how much time it will involve and what the retail value of the design work is. A statement is included in the contract that clearly defines the start and end date of the pro bono period. Please return the contract signed at your earliest convenience as the student is learning to not provide any creative work until after receiving a signed contract. After the class is completed and the pro bono period is over, if you choose to continue working with the student, we recommend you hire the student as a freelancer and consider them when you seek to hire a designer part-time or full-time.

Is there a way to financially compensate students or the school for this work?

New Design School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. A donation can be made to the school and then 100% would be credited directly toward your student designer’s tuition. We also have regular fundraisers that benefit student scholarships and would encourage you to participate so that we may continue our work in the community. For example, a $650.00 donation would pay for a student’s academic seminar or a $480.00 helps us cover the instructor’s teaching fee.

We ask that you promote and recognize the designers and New Design School at your event, on your web site, to your board and the community.

How do I apply to become a collaboration client?

Fill out the collaboration client form.

Some of our previous Clients include:

  • Compassion Fayetteville
  • First Night Fayetteville
  • Last Night Fayetteville
  • Puppets in the Park
  • Feed Fayetteville
  • Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG)
  • ARHope
  • EOA of Washington County, Inc.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters International
  • Fayetteville Art District

For more information and to apply to become a collaboration or design studio client with New Design School contact Sonia Davis Gutiérrez,, or call (479) 409-5064.



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