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Is New Design School an accredited school?


No, New Design School is not an accredited school, rather we are licensed with the Arkansas State Board of Private career education to offer certificate-granting seminars that gain students employable career skills. The school is on track and in preparation to be reviewed to become accredited and already applies many of the practices of an accredited institution.

Does New Design School participate in FASFA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid)?


No, New Design School currently does not qualify for FASFA participation since we are currently not accredited, however we do intend to apply for participation in the future.

Does New Design School offer scholarships?


Yes, New Design School offers two scholarships to students who have successfully completed one term. There is an annual scholarship event that awards a People's Choice and Juror's Choice Award. All the funds raised at the event fund the two awards.

What hardware (computer) and software (programs/apps) do I need for the certificate program in graphic design?


If you need a computer and/or software we recommend you visit the UA Computer Store, (479) 575-5414. They will advise you as to which laptop is best suited for graphic design. You are welcome to use a Windows based laptop. We like for students to become familiar with the industry standard computer operating environment as soon as possible which is why we do recommend going with a Mac. Regarding software you will need to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) directly from the Adobe website which requires a subscription “cloud” service for software. The student version is $19.99 per month and requires a minimum 1 year subscription. Here is a map and hours for the UA Computer Store, http://computers.uofastore.com/store-info.

What is graphic design?


Graphic design is the process of working with a client to develop a logo, brochure or possibly a website, which involves combining words and images to create visual communication that promotes a product, service or an idea. Learn more at the AIGA website.

Can I make payments for tuition of the academic seminars?


Yes, tuition may be financed over a school term. A minimum of one-third of the total tuition due will be due by the first day of class for the academic term that the student is enrolling. The remainder may be paid in installments throughout the term with cash, check, PayPal or credit card or bank auto-draft, however the remaining outstanding tuition for that term should be paid by the final day of class. Students with an outstanding balance from a previous term will first need to pay any full outstanding amount from the previous term before re-enrolling. In summary, students will only be allowed to accumulate the debt from a single academic term at a time before re-enrolling.

This policy applies to new students enrolling after January 1, 2015. Students enrolled before January 1, 2015 may remain in the payment options and plans in which they enrolled.

Are there discounts for paying tuition of academic seminars in advance?


Yes, tuition discounts are available if tuition is paid in full by the end of the first week of school.

The tuition discounts are:
15% off total tuition for returning students
10% off total tuition for new students
Additional 5% off total tuition for students who bring a friend

Tuition may be paid with cash, check, PayPal or credit card. 

Can I take just one class?


Yes, you can take just one class. You do not have to sign up for the entire 2-year certificate program in graphic design. For example, you may take only web design, or only Adobe Illustrator or only Photoshop. Second year classes such as Typography, Color and Package Design seminars have prerequisites, however you may be able to qualify to take the class if you can demonstrate prior work or class experience. See the list of seminars about which classes have prerequisites. Students who complete all 21 certificate-granting, academic seminars in graphic design are invited to participate in our graduation ceremony.

How much does it cost?


Workshops vary in price from $15 to $50 per hour depending on if you are in a group or participate in one-on-one training. Certificate-granting, academic seminars in graphic design cost $650 per class. Contact us to find out if your specific workshop or seminar requires books, materials, software or a laptop computer.

Is New Design School a post-secondary opportunity for students?


Yes, however, a high school student may enroll early and be dually enrolled in New Design School's certificate program academic seminars as long as they intend to complete their high school diploma or GED.

Can I start classes in the spring or summer terms?


Yes, you can start taking classes in January for the spring term or in late April for the summer term. We have designed the program so that you can begin taking first year classes fall, spring or summer. You do not have to wait until fall to start the graphic design program.

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