New Design Center, circa 2005New Design School, first known as New Design Center, began because a group of family, friends and community members, believed that design and technology education was needed in south, industrial Fayetteville.

It was through countless volunteer hours of painting, applying metal siding, installing lights, assembling Ikea furniture and landscaping that we set up our first home at 572 West 6th Street and Government. Five Apple Macbook Pros were purchased, Adobe software installed and used for the very first years of operation by many who sought training in region and the community.

By 2005, New Design Center, a nonprofit center for professional development in creativity and technology was established.

Working with additional volunteers, co-founder Sonia Davis Gutierrez, led a team to submit a lengthy application with the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education for an innovative, academic certificate program in graphic design that worked with real clients within the community. The program received its approval and has successfully renewed its license since 2006.

By 2010, the two nonprofit entities, New Design Center and New Design School's, services merged under the single organization, New Design School, Inc.

A brother and sister team worked tirelessly (and still do) to get and keep the doors open.Friends paint our first location.

office-300x225.jpg572 W. 6th St (Today MLK Jr. Blvd)foyer-300x225.jpgclassroom2-300x225.jpg

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