New Design School partners with Startup Junkie Consulting and Elevate Performance to create a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs

NDS, SJC and EP Partnership

Press Release - May 29, 2016 - New Design School, a 501c 3 nonprofit, educational entity who recently celebrated ten years in business, has become a client of Startup Junkie Consulting and Elevate Performance. This will involve the benefit of co-working with entrepreneurs and delivering onsite services including consulting, workshops and seminars related to design and branding on the downtown Fayetteville Square at 1 East Center Street, Suite 270 beginning Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

The mission of New Design School is to educate the next generation of creative professionals to shape the future in visual design.

Startup Junkie Consulting’s mission is to help entrepreneurs build ventures at no cost to them, and we help build venture communities around the world.

Elevate Performance, LLC delivers peer advisory groups and coaching where leaders and emerging leaders can process real world issues, challenges and opportunities in a safe setting, thereby elevating performance.

“We are thrilled about the potential employment and freelance opportunities for our students created by the interaction of local entrepreneurs and student designers. We believe this energy will foster long-lasting relationships and positively impact the Northwest Arkansas creative economy,” expressed Sonia Davis Gutiérrez, founder and president of New Design School.

“Centerspace is in the heart of what has become NWA’s Innovation District, and is NWA’s accelerator space. We are thrilled to now have New Design School in the mix, truly bringing together the intersection of art, design, and entrepreneurship,” says Brett Amerine, Chief Operating Officer at Startup Junkie Consulting.

“We love partnering with Startup Junkie Consulting and New Design School, who are together are making Northwest Arkansas a destination for entrepreneurship, innovation and design education. They are both fielding, addressing and identifying the increasing role technology occupies in our everyday life. We all should be pitching in to help organizations like New Design School flourish,” shared Tim McFarland, CEO of Elevate Performance and board member of New Design School.

“We’re extremely excited about the opportunity to work with StartUp Junkie Consulting. The combination of co-working space and education is an environment we believe helps prepare students for instant success when faced with the challenges of their first job. Their guidance and wisdom will be crucial to the future success of the school and our students,” shared David Kersey, Director of Development of New Design School and two-time academy award winner for Feast and Frozen.


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