Can I make payments for tuition of the academic seminars?


Yes, tuition may be financed over a school term. A minimum of one-third of the total tuition due will be due by the first day of class for the academic term that the student is enrolling. The remainder may be paid in installments throughout the term with cash, check, PayPal or credit card or bank auto-draft, however the remaining outstanding tuition for that term should be paid by the final day of class. Students with an outstanding balance from a previous term will first need to pay any full outstanding amount from the previous term before re-enrolling. In summary, students will only be allowed to accumulate the debt from a single academic term at a time before re-enrolling.

This policy applies to new students enrolling after January 1, 2015. Students enrolled before January 1, 2015 may remain in the payment options and plans in which they enrolled.

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