New Design School’s post-secondary programming is the ultimate step for anyone looking to achieve the creative career of their dreams. This program is designed to give direct, hands-on instruction to anyone interested in finding, building, and enhancing a career in the digital arts. Currently, this program offers training in graphic design for both print & the web. The program consists of 21 different seminars. Students who complete all 21 seminars in this program will earn a certificate of completion.



No time for 21 seminars? We have a solution for that. We offer targeted, skills-based short professional development courses. We extract material from the existing post-secondary certificate program, package it as a series of stand-alone classes and offer them face-to-face and online. In-person, professional development programs will take place by partnering with local educational institutions and will be added to their catalogs of continuing education as co-branded professional development classes.



New Design School also offers community workshops called, “makeshops” where individuals or groups receive design and technology training. City employees, small businesses, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, and local corporations participate in hands-on training at New Design School. They gain professional development in the latest design software and learn to create print and web materials such as newsletters, flyers and web sites. If you seek training for yourself or your employees select the link below.




3D Animation for Film Production

Currently in development our motion design program will focus on 2D & 3D animation. Students will develop advanced levels of comprehension with 2D graphical design using Illustrator and After Effects. Students will create explainer-style videos & 2D animated cartoons. Students will also learn about 3D modeling & animation techniques similar to those used in FROZEN and BIG HERO SIX. The industry standard movie-making software, Autodesk Maya, will be these students’ new best friend. Follow us on social media to hear about the development of this program!

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is not widely understood in what it really encompasses as a career. It is sometimes referred to as moving graphic design and that is true, but it is also high level composting, title design, commercial design, and so much more. In our motion graphics program we'll training you on the industry standard software as well as train you on advanced techniques used by industry professionals.  

Video Game Development

Digital games are being used as educational tools and for entertainment for both children and adults now more than ever. The demand for individuals who can continue to create new, innovative, mind-blowing gaming experiences is growing at an exponential rate. As a result, we’re working with industry professionals to create a 2-year certificate program that equips you with all the software & design skills to achieve a dream career as a game designer. Follow us on social media to hear about the development of this program!

Product & Package Design

Northwest Arkansas is home base for the largest retailer in the world. This gives New Design School a unique advantage over other design schools because the professionals who make and break product design and packaging decisions for multi-million dollar businesses work right up the road. Built with the industry and entrepreneur in mind and in conjunction with industry professionals, this program will give you everything you need to succeed in the CPG world. Follow us on social media to hear about the development of this program!

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

New Design School approaches virtual & augmented reality from the designers perspective. We will be the experience creators. Learn the basics of the technology behind these virtual worlds and how to create the contect that we will all experience. We're committed to leading the way in education for advanced technology experiences. 

Web Design

New Design School has taught web design before but the focus has been on good design. We will not waver on our dedication to teaching good design but we want to teach the designer how to speak the language of developers. In our new Web Design program we'll give you an understand of how to customize a website and the eye to make it look amazing.