Adobe Photoshop – LEVEL I


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We are lucky to have John Nguyen as the instructor for our Adobe Photoshop LEVEL I course. John has worked on major film & television projects such as Ironman, Spiderman, and Transformers and has been using Photoshop as an industry professional for 10 years. This two-week/12hr intensive will give you a comprehensive introduction to Photoshop. This course will help you understand Photoshop’s fundamental tools and how to use them in a professional environment. John will bring his everyday experience to the classroom and give you a clear understanding of how Photoshop is used in production. This is a professional development course for ages 18 and up.


  • An introduction to Photoshops UI
  • Learn Photoshop’s powerful effects suite
  • Understand layers to build compositions
  • Use Photoshops Image adjustment tools for photo editing
  • Use selection tools to cut images into multiple layers
  • Understand Photoshop’s skill set as it applies to the media industry


John Nguyen

I got my first copy of photoshop in college while I was a computer science major…and I switched to graphic design about a month later.  It’s changed my life…and my Photoshop skills opened doors for me to work on films like Ironman and Transformers…as well as work with companies like IBM and AMC Theatres.  I hope you’re as excited to learn Photoshop as I was 20 years ago!


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